Sunday Worship

First Sunday of the Month 10.00 a.m – Worship for All
This is very much a gathering together and the services are designed to engage with all generations. Children, if they wish, are encouraged to help lead each service along with our lay Local Ministry Team, which often includes an activity or talk (rather than the traditional sermon) and, whilst involving plenty of fun, nevertheless helps us to gain understanding and meaning of the Christian message.

The service lasts no more than 40 minutes and is designed to fit in with our busy lives. With a combination of hymns and songs both traditional and those more familiar to the younger generation, this is worship where we say in simple words sorry for not being loving, listening to the word of God, confirming in what we believe and offering our prayers for others.

These services are held monthly and follow a theme, whether a particular season of the year, the meaning of one of the parables, or special services such as Mothering Sunday or Harvest Festival.

All are welcome, whether you live in the village, or visiting the area.

Second and Fourth Sunday of the Month 10.00 am – Sung Eucharist (with healing on Fourth Sunday)
These mid morning services follow the pattern of Common Worship recognising Sunday as the special day, above all days, where Jesus’ presence with us is celebrated through worship and the sharing of bread. It is a time where we say sorry for things we may have done wrong, a time of prayer, a time to reflect on the Word of God and a time to affirm our faith interpersed with our singing of hymns of praise and thanksgiving.

Each service normally lasts 1 hour and afterwards there is opportunity for refreshments and a chat. As with all our services, we offer a warm welcome to everyone whether you attend individually or with friends and family, visitors to the village and surrounding community, or perhaps returning to the Church after a break.

As part of the Eucharist service on the fourth Sunday of the month, the ministry of Healing is also offered where we acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit through the ‘laying of hands’.

Third Sunday of the Month 10.00 am – Family Communion
As the name suggests, this service is designed for families and the words and hymns or songs we use are accessible to all generations, but particularly to younger people. The service normally lasts no more than 40 minutes followed by refreshments and chat for those who have time to stay afterwards.

Fifth Sunday of the month
Whenever there is a 5th Sunday within the month we have a whole Benefice Service, where all 3 churches across our Benefice come together and worship. This rotates between the 3 churches and is often at the time of the host church. Therefore the venue and time changes each time. So if you would like to worship with us on a 5th Sunday please check where we are. This can be done on home page of this website, on Facebook or by looking at the previous weeks pew sheet.