Sunday 11th April

We are pleased to say that in addition to our online Sunday service at 10.30am, we will be holding a service of Holy communion in Lydbrook church at 4pm.

As usual, please let Rev. Clare know by midday on Saturday if you planning to attend so that we can be sure we have adequate social distancing – or 01594 726318.

Holy Week & Easter Day Services

Lent is drawing to a close and Easter is near. First we’re invited to live through these great days of what we call the triduum, the 3 days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

The orders of service for each day can be found within our Online Services section we can be accessed by clicking HERE.  We will be using these when people gather together online via facebook or zoom, or take time out of their day to look at the readings and prayers and ponder the mysteries of each day.

Our online services are as follows:

Maunday Thursday – 7.30pm via Zoom (please see order of service for access details)
Good Friday – 2pm (Facebook)
Holy Saturday – 8pm via Zoom (please see order of service for access details)
Easter Sunday – 10.30am (Facebook)

In addition to our online service on Easter Sunday, we will be holding 2 services in a Church as follows:

4pm. Service of Holy Communion –  Ruardean

5.30pm. Service of Holy Communion – Drybrook.

If you have already told me you’d like to attend – please let me know which church and time. If you are planning to come to a service in person and have not yet been in touch we’d love to hear from you – or 01594 726318.

We look forward to celebrating Easter with you, whatever that might look like for each of us.

Palm Sunday – 28th March

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a service of Holy communion in Lydbrook church at 4pm.

As usual, please let Rev. Clare know if you planning to attend so that we can be sure we have adequate social distancing – or 01594 726318.

This service will compliment the morning online service. Online we will have the longer liturgy of the day, in the afternoon we will have a 30 minute simple service of communion, the primary purpose being to enable people to receive the sacrament.  If more people than we can safely take at one service want to attend in person then we’ll add a second.

Online Services

As lockdown continues, so do our online services; morning and evening prayer (Monday – Saturday) and Service of Spiritual Communion (Sunday).  Further details can be found can be found HERE.

We continue to pray for all those involved in frontline work and for all who are ill with the virus, for our leaders in the decisions they must make and for our citizens everywhere that we make act responsible and with thought for others.

Stay safe.

Service update 09/01/2021

Following the news of continuing rising numbers of Covid and the extreme pressure that our hospital staff are under both locally and nationally, along with a letter from our Bishops yesterday asking us to discourage all those who are in the vulnerable groups from attending services in church buildings, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel our planned ‘in a Church’ service at Lydbrook tomorrow afternoon.

At this difficult time for everyone it seems to us that any risk taken is one risk too many and however careful we are, any gathering at this time carries risk.

We pray urgently for all those involved in frontline care and for all who are ill with the virus, for our leaders in the decisions they must make and for our citizens everywhere that we make act responsible and with thought for others.

Our online services continue, details of which can be found HERE.

Services during Epiphany (6th – 30th January)

The Christmas season, which includes the smaller Epiphany season, keeps going all the way to Candlemas and the presentation of Jesus in the temple on 2nd February, transferred to a Sunday celebration on 31st January.

On Wednesday morning (6th January), we begin using the Epiphany services, starting with online morning prayer at 9am for which the service sheet and details can be accessed here.  At 5pm on Wednesday, we will be holding a service of spiritual communion for Epiphany in place of evening prayer.  This service can be accessed via our Benefice Facebook page by clicking here and the service sheet is at the link below:

Spiritual Communion for Epiphany 

During this current lockdown, we are still allowed to gather in church for communion and there will be a service at Lydbrook at 3pm on Sunday 10th January. Please let me Rev Clare Edwards know if you plan to attend by 6pm on Saturday – 01594 726319 or

Approximately 1 in 3 people who have coronavirus have no symptoms and given the heightened situation regarding the pandemic, we like to remind those who come to adhere to the social distancing that is in place. On arrival in church please go straight to your seat and stay there. Sadly, wandering around and chatting to others is a risk to all of us and not permitted. Likewise at the end of the service, we are asked to refrain from mingling. If you wish to exchange a greeting with others, then it should be brief, outside and at a 2 metre distance. If we are able to do this, we are confident that our services of communion can continue.

Let’s do our bit and remember, HandsFaceSpace.

Thank you and stay safe.

BrookDean Benefice Christmas Services

Information regarding our Benefice Christmas services is now available and can be found at the following link:

BrookDean Benefice Christmas Services 2020

Attendance at services inside our churches will be limited to comply with social distancing and face coverings are required.  Please confirm if you are planning to come ASAP by contacting Clare (Rector) either by phone 01594 726318 or by email 

Places for all ‘physically present’ services will be allocated in order of requests made.

Church Christmas Activities

Let us tell you about some of the things that are happening in and around the church this coming week.

We have a beautiful nativity scene in the main outside noticeboard, made for us by Chloe, George, Oliver and Millicent Vanhegan -with a little help from Rachel!! Just next to it is our giant advent wreath which is lit every afternoon somewhere around 3pm and 3.15pm until 8pm. We have also been ringing the church bell for a couple of minutes each afternoon as the children come out of school here in Ruardean  –  a sign of Advent hope.

Then we have ‘big’ Mary and Joseph made out of old oil drums, standing underneath the magnolia tree. Jesus will be arriving shortly  – all made for us by Sally and the manger bed by Alex.

This weekend we’ll be putting up a Nativity trail around the church with simple pictures and text for the Christmas story, suitable for children; it’s called ‘Follow the Star’.

And talking of stars we’ll very soon, if they are not already there, have a basket of stars in the church porch with some pens for writing an Advent hope, the name of someone we’re remembering at this time or our own names to hang either on the Christmas tree or any other tree in the church yard!

If you like painting and decorating, there is a box of ‘cobbles’ just inside the rectory gate, for decorating with Christmas images. Then you can go and put them somewhere in the churchyard for others to enjoy – you might find some too.

Next week:

The church will be open every morning from 10am-12noon. If your children are at Ruardean school you’ll be able to see some of their advent art work hanging up inside and the wreaths made by one of the classes.  Social distancing applies.

We hope there is something that will be of interest to you and your family..

Sunday Services – 13th December: Advent 3

This Sunday there will be a service of Holy Communion at Ruardean at 3pm.  The children at Ruardean school have been busy and have given us some advent wreaths and some Christmas pictures, so they will be on display.

Face coverings are required and arrangements for collection etc. are as before the recent lockdown.

Whilst there is plenty of room at Ruardean, please let us know if you are coming as we are required to keep a list of attendees for track and trace purposes – or 01594 726318.

Our 10.30am online service will continue, details for which can be accessed by clicking HERE.